NHL Betting – The Importance of Line Shopping

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Line shopping is an indispensable skill for any sports bettor, as locating the most competitive prices on spreads, totals or props can increase profit potential substantially.

NHL betting lines fluctuate for various reasons. Key injuries, team travel arrangements and home/away records all play an essential role. Monitoring trends can also prove helpful.


Line shopping can help boost your profit potential by comparing prices at various sportsbooks. By funding accounts at multiple online and land-based sportsbooks, it becomes easier to quickly compare odds and select the one with best offers; taking this approach also allows you to take advantage of promotional offers that may arise.

NHL moneyline bets require bettors to pick a winning team, with oddsmakers assigning each one an implied probability of victory reflected in its betting line. Puck lines function similarly to point spreads in other sports – pregame favorites receive a -1.5 goal head start while underdogs receive 1.5 goals of cushion. While these lines might appear stable across different sportsbooks, it is still wise to shop around before placing your bets as there can be significant variations among them – it pays to shop around!

Puck line

NHL puck lines offer a great way to increase your profit potential on certain wagers. They function similarly to moneylines but provide greater safety by including the potential of a tie result. Correlated parlays that include both puck lines and goal total totals often feature this form of bet as one option.

Though puck lines may not be as complex as point spreads or run lines, they still require careful consideration to maximize profits and limit liability on losses. Like any betting market, puck line odds vary based on each sportsbook and this means it is wise to shop around for the best odds possible on each market; an ideal time would be right after release or prior to kickoff.


Even though over/under lines don’t garner as much media coverage as NFL lines, savvy bettors can still find gems by looking closely at over/under totals. A half-point “hook” and more favorable lines could make or break a bet; shopping totals is especially crucial when betting on low scoring sports like NHL or MLB where bettors frequently bet on games with single digit scores.

Moneyline betting is the main form of wagering in hockey and works similarly to point spreads in basketball and football. Shopping prices at various online and land-based sportsbooks may lead to larger returns or reduced original risk; keeping track of team trends and matchups throughout the season may give an edge against oddsmakers at sportsbooks NHL betting public percentages.

Futures bets

Bettors with access to NHL games have access to an abundance of markets for betting purposes. From moneylines and totals, bettors have plenty of choices when betting NHL games; but in order to find the ideal line for themselves they need to know exactly what signs to look out for.

Shopping around for the ideal line may seem time consuming and frustrating, but it can significantly boost your profit potential on individual bets. To maximize profit potential on individual wagers, it is key to keep an eye on odds at various sportsbooks and compare them, which can result in larger payouts or reduced original risk – and can take advantage of any fluctuations that arise in lines, which could increase winning percentage by 1-3%! According to Sports Insights a half point edge on every bet can increase it by 1-3%!

Prop bets

No matter the sport, finding the ideal line is key to creating winning bets. This is particularly true with props and totals where minor variations in odds can make an enormous difference to profits.

Hockey’s changing over/under totals make price comparison across sportsbooks especially important, since their over/under totals often fluctuate throughout the day. If a total is at 6.0 one book but still at 5.5 another one may provide you with opportunities to place bets that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible.

Line shopping may take time and effort, but the effort can increase both individual bet profit potential as well as overall profitability over time.

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