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Online Gambling is becoming more popular in Singapore. The number of Singaporeans in the city-state that use online gambling websites is growing nearly daily.

Despite Singapore being a small territory (population of just 5.5 million), it houses two of the most reputable casinos in Asia. Additionally, online Gambling at websites not governed by the government of Singapore is not legal. If you use a Singapore casino’s online gambling site when resident or visiting Singapore, then you do so at your own risk.

Best Online Gambling Singapore Sites 2023 Reviewed

While online Gambling is not legal in Singapore and other countries, numerous gambling websites are willing to take players from the city-state, provided they aren’t conducting anything illegal by doing such. The site isn’t at risk; it’s the player. There are many online gambling sites worldwide that are open to accepting players from Singapore, and we’re trying to protect you from sites in Singapore that you must avoid at all times and direct you towards online casinos Singapore residents can trust.

Real Money Online Gambling in Singapore

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a fun night out at one of the numerous casinos in the physical world or if you want to relax at home with a simple poker game – Singapore is a hotspot for entertainment.

Real Money Games

The online gambling law says you can bet on it if you can name it. This is the case in numerous ways. There is a myriad of games you can enjoy today with real money. Certain casinos provide every slot, while others concentrate on betting on sports.

Live Dealer Games

If you like playing live blackjack or poker, this is the best place to be, but if you prefer to remain home. Although not every casino offers live casinos, most suggest it. It is located in the right tab, making it simple to find.

Bonuses & Promotions

This is a tricky subject; what should you look for in a bonus? What factors influence the prize’s size, percentage, wagering, and length of time required to finish the bonus? We only suggest thinking about the scenario. What are you expect from this? If it’s more time to play, then the larger is better. Low wagering is recommended if you believe your chances of winning are good. Be realistic about your expectations.

Real Money Gambling Apps

So, it was the norm from 2010 to 2016 for the casino industry – to have a separate app you could download. This was mostly due to the need for more and sufficient technology. However, the industry has progressed, and now, only a handful of websites have an app. It is now easy to use the site’s address on your mobile browser to adjust it perfectly to your device. Some casinos still use them, but they are gradually disappearing.

Payment Methods on Online Gambling Sites in Singapore

This is where things get somewhat complicated. Transferring funds from Singapore to your online gambling site isn’t always easy. Some people use bank transfers in Asia to move money between and within their gambling websites. However, this isn’t typically available in Singapore. Because banks won’t take payments from gambling sites or even if they’re not registered within Singapore, it was declared illegal to gamble online in Singapore in 2015.

PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller are more likely to be accepted as payment processors than Singapore-based businesses. However, this still carries an element of risk as these options are still financial institutions.

Paysafecard is an excellent alternative. Paysafecard codes can be bought in person and then used online. It isn’t easy to link your code with the merchant you pay for, so you’re offered a fair amount of security.

Cryptocurrencies are your ideal choice. Because Singapore is a major financial centre and they’re not prohibited or restricted. Utilizing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will also offer you almost total anonymity. This makes them even more appealing.

Online Gambling has Many Benefits.

Online Gambling or gaming offers many advantages. Online casinos are accessible without dressing up like 007, and you can switch between playing in live casinos or watching a documentary about the Amazonas pythons in just a few seconds. Let me digress. Here are a few benefits.

Larger Variety of Gambling Options

This is the most important selling point. Many casinos can concentrate on market segments to serve the needs of their clients. Are you looking to participate in a local table tennis game? There are odds already set in most betting shops. Only a few inches away.

Bonuses, Free Bets and other promotions

This feature is more prevalent at casinos that are physically located. Yes, you’ll get free drinks at most casinos in Las Vegas, but do they offer the chance to boost 150% of your account when you make a bet? No.

Suppose you’re forced to consider whether Gambling on the internet is legal in Singapore?’ then you are not a country resident. The only place you can gamble legally online in Singapore is at the Singapore Pools for betting on sports (including horses racing) and lotteries.

It is not even a “cloudy” issue. The latest gambling online Singapore laws were approved in 2014. This is in contrast to most countries with gambling laws from the 1950s or earlier. They even specifically mentioned ‘remote’ Gambling, which includes any form of Gambling conducted remotely, such as via any form of online or telephone communication. Gambling has been illegal in Singapore since 1820 when moves were introduced to outlaw cockfighting and gambling dens due to their connection to the crime. While the legality of Gambling in Singapore has not changed significantly in the past, illegal online Gambling remains popular with significant portions of the population of 2020.

The Gambling Control Act clarified the definition of Gambling and betting in Singapore. It was first introduced in 2022. It also legalized Gambling that was done regularly at home with family and friends; however, this legalization did not extend to online Gambling. If you’d like to read the act fully, you can do so here.

So, if you play online and are located in Singapore, it is at your own risk, as the answer to the question “is gambling online allowed in Singapore?’ is ‘no! However, the rules governing casino online apps in Singapore may likely change.

Is there a minimum age requirement to gamble Legally in Singapore?

Yes. In many countries, there is a legal requirement for placing bets. The latest Gambling Control Act that came into effect on 1st August 2022 set 21 as the legal age to gamble legally in Singapore. The other aspect that the Gambling Control Act clarified is even social games like mahjong are now under this act. Singapore Pools is the only exception to the law on the legal age. They meet the lower minimum of 18 years old for all their outlets and products.

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